Video Interviews

In the last couple of years, there’s been a huge shift toward video interviews (I’m referring to video interviews conducted via Skype, Zoom, Bluejeans, Google Hangouts, etc.).  Since I started conducting most interviews via video, it’s clear that people either don’t know how to dress for them, or believe the tech platform lends to a more casual experience

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The Best Book to Read

Today, I’m sharing with you the ONE book that I recommend to people in business/work context: “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts,” by Gary Chapman.

Did you see that coming? Probably not. (Other than the picture, which gave it away) But yes, this it the one book I recommend to everyone, even the people who I told to stop reading, because if they want to change their outlooks, they may learn like this one, too.

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Intro: The Meyer Suite

The lemon that is my company logo is unintentionally intentional. 

In the Fall of 2012, when I decided to start The Meyer Suite, my friend, Mandy (the logo designer) told me my logo needed more than just black text on a white background (I gravitate toward ‘simple/subtle’ and ‘sophisticated’).  I agreed to let her experiment with the smallest amount of creativity.  “How about a lemon?” I suggested, simply because I’ve always had a thing for lemons. 

A few very quick rounds of edits later, I settled on the logo you see today.  I then embraced the endless possibilities that exist when your last name is also a lemon varietal, known for being slightly more sweet (or suite, if you will) than your average lemon.

Backing up, I should share that the name, The Meyer Suite, didn’t come to me right away.  But I’ll throw the cliché in now: “when life gives you lemons…..”  You see, my idea to start a “consulting business” came approximately one hour after being laid off from a job.  The information about the layoff, received via phone call, was tart.  In coming months, I added the Meyer suite-ness, and I’ve spent the years since, and coming, making lemonade…..

“Consulting and recruiting” is what I say I do.  What I really do is spend my days thinking about my clients more than they can imagine, hoping that the counsel I provide makes a difference and was/is worth the investment, wishing I could easily fix the things with which they struggle, and contemplating the reality that I have an understanding for people and relationships within workplaces that is not empathy that comes naturally to others.  The work is mostly strategic, always stressful (in a self-inflicted, good sort of way), and usually enlightening to those who call me.  This description may sound vague and not specific enough for you to grasp what I do or whether or not following along will be worth your while. 

As I write this in November 2016, I believe the focus of the blog will be information that is useful to you, at or near the intersection of Work Place and Happiness Road.  (Please don’t steal that idea; I think it’s quite clever!).   My expertise is with Executive and Personal Assistants and those who employ them, but my words, hopefully, meaningful to you because you are within those specific categories, have an interest in understanding where I’m coming from and the experiences that have lead me to this business, and/or the applicability of workplace relationships and workplace happiness.   

You follow, or don’t, depending on what you need and search for; it may be here, or not.  For the time that you are here, I offer lemonade; would you like some? 

-  Elizabeth

(p.s. For all you “30 Rock” fans, know that the irony that the show main character’s name is Liz Lemon is not lost on me AT ALL!)