do you need to

Hire an Assistant?

You're busy; I can help.

The Meyer Suite is your exclusive talent scout and advocate, dedicated to a thorough process that will lead us to the assistant who is right for you!

The Meyer Suite will:

Help you understand the hiring process, and why there should be a process.

Build a search around your unique needs and goals.

Carefully select and screen candidates who will be presented to you.

Commit to finding the kind of assistant who will take ownership of the role and responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your business, philanthropic, and personal interests.


do you need

Relationship Management Advice?

Your Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant should be an asset, not a burden.

The Meyer Suite provides you advice and support when you need it, or an audit when you think you might need it.  Packages are tailored to fit your needs, and can include month-to-month retainers and/or project-based rates.

Contact The Meyer Suite if your answer is yes to any of the following:

Do you wish you could trust your assistant implicitly, but you don't?

Do you dread having difficult conversations with your assistant?

Have you experienced high turn-over, or fear it considering how important your confidentiality is?

Could your assistant benefit from additional training or one-on-one coaching?